Motorcycle Club

Formed in the summer of 1987, the Oddballs Motorcycle Club maintains a membership of 40-60 Male & Female riders ranging in ages from the young and not so innocent to the oldies who should know better.

We all enjoy club and charity ride outs, touring and meeting new and exciting people in fields with marquees, rock music and a beer or 5 at Rallies all over the country and Europe.

You could say "we are a
like minded bunch" but that would not be true. We are all very different, all odd in our own individual ways, with different tastes in bikes, lifestyle's and views. But the one thing that makes us unique, is our friendly, fun and most importantly our welcoming band of brothers & sisters. Who of course know how to ride & party!

Join us !!!
So whether you are a timid
 wall flower or a party animal high on life, who rides a bike or trike come and meet us, and be with the people who know how to have fun! 

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